Welcome to Rat Poison Facts! This website is an educational resource containing detailed information and facts about rat poison as a rodent control method. Building this awareness is part of a “Make an Impact” community project where students worked together to actually make a difference in their communities and the world. These students created this website about rat poison and are seeking to try to stop the inhumane practice of using poison for rodent control.

Rats & mice are common pests and are the cause of many conflicts with humans in urban environments. Yet they are also curious, social creatures who deserve a life free of cruelty and inhumane treatment.

Catherine (top photo), helped build Rat Poison Facts. She is a high school senior who has a passion for building websites and desires to make a difference in the community with the information provided on this site.

Amanda (middle photo), is a student at San Diego State University, studying Journalism and Marketing. She is passionate about the humane treatment of wild animals and wants to make a difference in this area. Her goal is to raise awareness and action against the inhumane use of poison on rodents through this site.

The goal of Rat Poison Facts is to promote awareness on how certain rodent control methods are inefficient and dangerous for children and other wildlife. Not only that, many are also inhumane, working slowly and causing painful deaths through internal bleeding or other methods.  The good news is, there are many humane alternatives to dealing with rats and mice, such as prevention first and snap traps, which cause instant death. These provide a better, more permanent solution, allowing for harmonious living between humans and rodents.

Rat on grass