Rodenticides | United States Environmental Protection Agency

Learn more about rats and mice, as well as how to spot and control rodent infestations. What are the federal regulations surrounding rodenticides? Find out from this link!

Rodents | National Pesticide Information Center

NPIC is a joint project between the United States Environmental Protection Agency (see above resource) and Oregon State University. The above link gives more information on rodents, rodent control tips, and how to use rodenticides safely.

Humane Rodent Solutions | Humane Society International

Learn how to keep rats away from your home without killing them or using rodenticides. The methods HSI provides in this link are both effective and safe for the environment.

Did you know that mice and rats are curious, social creatures, or that many of them suffer cruel deaths at the hands of extermination methods such as glue boards? This link includes information on rodents, as well as tips on how to use humane methods to keep wild rats away from your home.

Rodent Control | Nontoxic Communities

Learn how to keep rats and mice away from your home using environmental-friendly methods that actually work.

Safe Rodent Control | Safe Rodent Control Resource Center

Using rat poison not only harms rats, but also puts pets, children, and other wildlife at risk. Safe Rodent Control provides information on the safety risks concerning rat poison, as well as methods on how to keep your house rat-free.

Poisons Used to Kill Rodents Have Safer Alternatives | Audubon

Rat poison is meant for rats, but birds who eat rats are in particular danger of secondary and primary poisoning. What are the effects of rodenticides on birds? How severe is it? Find out more from Audubon.

How to Control Rats as Safely as Possible | Barn Own Trust

Find out about safe rat control methods, as well as a list of rat poisons and why they are dangerous to wildlife.